UNPLUGGED Retreat: May 11-14, 2015

capon-30Please join us in West Virginia for Stay Strong’s 2015 Capon Spring Unplugged Retreat May 11th through the 14th, 2015.

Last year a group of amazing women gathered in Capon Springs, West Virginia to unplug, reconnect and find some creativity. We’re going back this year and we hope you can join us! In conjunction with Stay Strong, we are leading an Unplugged retreat to give yourself the opportunity to recharge and connect with other women creatives. Yoga, hiking, creative workshops, spa time, and wholesome eating in a natural and tranquil environment will help you gain balance, perspective, and peace of mind. Capon Springs is a place that gives individuals the freedom and permission they need to truly unplug and decompress. We’ll reconnect with our creative mind through writing exercises, sensory exploration, and connected conversation. You will return to your daily life with energy, inspiration, and a refreshed approach to a balanced life in the digital age.

Creatives need time to allow their creativity to flourish, breathe, and present itself. When we disconnect from the buzz of daily life, we give ourselves a chance to reconnect with our creative drive. Ever find that your best ideas come in the shower, while you are driving or right before you fall asleep? These are the little moments when, surrounded by silence, our minds have the chance to roam freely. What if, instead of a few moments, you had two days to let your creative mind speak? How many answers, ideas, inspirations would you find in those two days?


Cost for the Retreat: $195 per participant. Room, travel, and spa services are additional and can be arranged through Capon Springs directly.

Schedule of Events: Arrival time is Monday, May 11th between 2 to 5 PM, with an official welcome at 5:15 PM. The retreat ends on Thursday May 14th at 2PM. In between those times you will be invited to participate in creative exercises, hiking, and spa time. Some activities will be in groups and others will be on your own. We’ll meet formally as a group to listen to several inspiring speakers. Those speakers will be announced shortly!


Why hold the retreat at Capon Springs? The draw of this unique resort is in its simplicity. Their focus on “back to basics” creates an atmosphere of peacefulness and true rejuvenation. Family owned for years, their dedication to their guests is not because it’s “good customer service,” but because they see their guests as an extension of their own family. Tucked away in the mountains of West Virginia, Capon Springs is part summer camp, part mountain resort with family–style, made-from-scratch meals meant to nourish your body and soul–not fancy, just real. Capon’s on-site Spa offers soaking tubs filled with fresh mountain-spring water to rejuvenate your body. Hiking paths wind up the mountain for a scenic overlook or through the pine forest and past an old stone wall tucked in the woods. A serene yoga room below the spa will be the site for our private led meditation. The spa has reserved two days just for our group and has therapists on hand for all their offered services. From their website: “Capon’s 19th century architecture and town square layout, combined with our camp-like informal atmosphere, help to create the feeling that you have somehow stepped back in time to a quieter, gentler era.” While Capon is a peaceful retreat, it’s campy enough to remind you that being a creative person is work. It is not a cushy, posh hotel but a more down-to earth setting intended to stimulate healing. Check out the website for more details:  Capon Springs


What can I expect to get out of this retreat? Some things you might gain from this experience include: relaxation, rejuvenation, increased focus, increased ability to make decisions, the ability to breathe easier, the opportunity to feel re-energized, a renewed excitement for your craft, a more open mind, a re-commitment to old dreams, an opportunity to create new dreams.

What is a creative retreat? It’s permission to step back and rekindle your passion for your art. It’s a chance to sit unplugged with your ideas and let them flow. It’s a chance to find the creativity that is uniquely yours through creative exercises in writing, sensory stimulation, and quiet.

What kind of room will I stay in? There are a variety of shared rooms, private rooms with bath, and private rooms with shared bath. All participants are required to stay at the resort.

Are there accommodations for special dietary needs? Yes. The resort is prepared to accommodate you with creative cuisine for anyone. Please let Tom know about these dietary restrictions when you book the room.




How do I sign up?  Email Jennifer Domenick at for an application form. Contact Capon Springs directly to book your room at reduced rate of $112 per person per night. That figure includes lodging, 3 meals daily, all taxes and all gratuities. Contact Tom by calling 304-874-3695. Please note: Tom and his family have owned and managed this unique resort and they do not accept a deposit for the room. They operate on the honor system for your reservation.
Capon Springs,

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